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Dear Alexander Atom Families,

This week, Alexander Science Center School will be hosting Start with Hello Week!

Start With Hello teaches students, grades K–12, the skills they need to reach out and include those who may be dealing with chronic social isolation and create a culture of inclusion and connectedness within their classroom, school or youth organization. 

The goal of this week is to highlight and spread the message of Start With Hello’s three simple steps:

  1. See Someone Alone

  2. Reach Out and Help

  3. Start With Hello!

start with hello circlesSocial isolation is the overwhelming feeling of being left out, lonely, or treated like you are invisible. Excessive feelings of isolation can be associated with violent and suicidal behavior. Furthermore, young people who are isolated can become victims of bullying, violence and/or depression. As a result, many pull further away from society, struggle with learning and social development, and may choose to hurt themselves or others.

The positive news is that there are cures for disconnection and loneliness if we reach out and help one another.

Throughout the week we encourage you and your child to participate in Start with Hello Week activities and discuss with the student what they have learned. Please see the attached flyer for a list of activities and check the calendars in Class Dojo and Schoology for links to Zoom events with Ms. Delgado.

Thank you for supporting Start With Hello Week!


Ms. Delgado

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Posted 9/14/20

Identifying Emotions & Feelings to Build Self-Awareness

In addition to our yearlong Kindness theme, every month Alexander Science will focus on a different social-emotional skill to help our students grow as well-rounded learner.

For September we’ll be learning all about our emotions & feelings. Emotion is another word for feeling. We have lots of different feelings every single day. We have feelings because of what we see, hear, remember, and do.

Learning to identifying and name emotions & feelings, fits into the social-emotional learning competency of self-awareness. Please watch this short video on how developing self-awareness can positively impact students: 

Throughout the month of September myself and our teachers will be sharing activities with students to help them learn to better identify feelings and emotions within themselves. 

Here are some ways you can support this learning at home: 

  • Model naming your own emotions and describe why you're feeling that way
  • Post a feelings chart in a visible area of your home. (I have attached a sample feelings chart in English and Spanish for you to use.)
  • Check-in each day about how your student is feeling. Use a time when the student doesn't feel "on the spot", like while they're eating breakfast or during dinnertime. 

I am here to support you as we work together to build our students' (and our own =) self-awareness. Please visit my website for more Emotions & Feelings resources. 

air hugs








Ms. Delgado

Posted 9/4/20

This year Alexander Science is launching a yearlong campaign called "Kindness is the STAR wherever we are!"

Even though we're not on campus right now we want our Alexander Atoms to focus on KINDNESS because Alexander Atoms are KIND wherever they are.

They are kind to each other when they're in their online classes.

They are kind to themselves when they're learning something new.

They are kind to their family members at home.

Wherever they are Alexander Atoms are kind!

As part of this yearlong campaign we'll be asking students and families to participate in all kinds of activities to promote kindness.

At our first Monday assembly, I asked students to follow two steps for kind actions this week:

  1. Pick (at least) one kind action for the week. Some examples I gave were: helping with a chore at home, being extra friendly with a brother or sister, being patient, apologizing, or encouraging a family member. 
  2. Pay attention to how you felt during your kind action. Was your tummy or heart warm and fuzzy? Was your face smiling? Did your arms have a lot of good energy? Maybe you were feeling happy or proud.

**I then asked students to share their kindness and how they felt with their teacher***I'd love to highlight some of our kind actions by our Alexander Atoms at our next assembly.

Attached is a worksheet you can use with your child to document their kind action. 

Stay tuned for more at-home kindness activities and kindness events throughout the school year!

Posted 8/25/20
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