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Principal's Message


Welcome to our school website. The Dr. Theodore T. Alexander Jr. Science Center School is an affiliated charter school and represents a unique partnership between the Los Angeles Unified School District and the California Science Center. Our school’s mission is to establish the highest quality educational program for our students. Our curriculum focuses on the innovative use of science, math and technology as the foundation for a rigorous and exciting multi-disciplinary learning experience for students. We accomplish this by integrating a “science center-style approach” with the formal educational methods commonly practiced in schools. The Science Center-style instructional approach is rooted in science inquiry with an emphasis on learning from real experiences with real objects, artifacts and specimens. Activities that are student-centered, self-directed, and intrinsically motivated are the core of our school program.


Educating students to be productively involved in a highly technical society requires the involvement of family, community, business and professional organizations to create a comprehensive and integrated system of support for students. It is our aim to work with parents to lay a solid foundation for every student academically, socially, and artistically. We boast the active involvement of many of our parents, grandparents, and community members. Located in Exposition Park in downtown Los Angeles, our school has a dynamic partnership with the California Science Center, the University of Southern California and other Exposition Park organizations. Our students have the benefit of a rich educational experience that promotes a heightened sense of discovery and curiosity and inspires science learning.