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LAUSD Wellness Hotline

COVID-19: Resources for Students and Caregivers

Dear Alexander Atom Families,

As we all adjust to this prolonged time away from school amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, I want to assure you that I will continue to serve your family and provide counseling and mental health services for your student. I recognize this is a stressful time for many and some students may need additional mental health or social-emotional support.

On this page, you will find resources about supporting our students through COVID-19.

My email and phone number are listed under my office hours on my home page or you can click on the purple Schedule a Check-In button to book a general support appointment via phone or Zoom. 

Please reach out to me if you need to talk! I am here with a listening ear. =)

I hope that everyone stays safe, healthy, and positive! I miss you all and I look forward to seeing you when it is safe to return to our school building.

With love and virtual hugs,

Ms. Delgado, your PSW Counselor

For students: explaining Covid-19 in kid-friendly language

COVID-19 (also called Coronavirus) is a new virus that doctors and scientists are still learning about. This virus has made a lot of people sick, but scientists and doctors think that most people will be okay, especially kids.

Doctors and health experts are working hard to help people stay healthy. It’s important for all of us to work together to follow instructions on how to be well including practicing social distancing, washing hands frequently, and using face masks.

For most people who do become sick with COVID-19, it will feel like the flu; a fever, cough and sometimes having a hard time taking deep breaths. Most people who have gotten the virus have not gotten very sick but it may take a couple of weeks to feel better again. A small number of people who get it have more serious problems and need to go to the hospital. Doctors and nurses are taking good care of people who get very sick.

Below are art-based activities to help your child learn about and process feelings related to the Covid-19 pandemic:

Coronavirus Handout
Coronavirus Handout & Handling Worries
Covibook for K-2
Covibook for K-2nd Graders
Covibook en español for K-2
Covibook en Español for K-2 grados
Coronavirus Zine for 3rd-5th
Coronavirus Zine for 3rd-5th
My Covid-19 Time Capsule for 3rd-5th
My Covid-19 Time Capsule

For caregivers: supporting your student through the covid-19 pandemic

Create a safe physical and emotional environment by practicing the 3 R’s: Reassurance, Routines, and Regulation.

  1. First, adults can reassure children about their safety and the safety of loved ones, and tell them that it is adults’ job to ensure their safety.
  2. Second, adults can maintain routines to provide children with a sense of safety and predictability (e.g., regular bedtimes and meals, daily schedules for learning and play).
  3. And third, adults can support children’s development of regulation of their emotions. When children are stressed, their bodies respond by activating their stress response systems. To help them manage these reactions, it is important to both validate their feelings (e.g., “I know that this might feel scary or overwhelming”) and encourage them to engage in activities that help them self-regulate (e.g., exercise, deep breathing, mindfulness or meditation activities, regular routines for sleeping and eating).

In addition, it is essential to both children’s emotional and physical well-being to ensure that families can meet their basic needs (e.g., food, shelter, clothing).

Please contact the LAUSD Wellness Hotline at (213) 241-3840 if your family is struggling to access food, shelter, or other basic necessities. 

Below are additional ideas on supporting your student through this crisis  activities to build your families emotion regulation skills: