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1st Grade Scientists at Work!

Thank you to our California Science Center friends for recording our 1st Grade Scientists talking about science and their Science Notebooks!

1st Grade

daily schedule
rm 9/10 daily schedule
jimenez day schedule



Grade Level Wishlist
  • Headphones (no earplugs )
  • Lysol Wipes
  • Kleenex
  • Ziploc Freezer Storage Bags
    • Quarts
    • Gallon
  • Color Copy Paper
  • Plastic Shoeboxes

Supplies may be purchased at:

* Target

* Staples

* Office Depot

  Vanessa Gomez 1st Gr Teacher Email:
  Flor Jimenez 1st Gr Teacher Email:
  Melissa Kim-Parrish 1st Gr Teacher Email:
  Jesse Ramirez 1st Gr Teachers Email:
  Elizabeth Tirado 1st Gr Dual Lang Teachers Email: