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3rd Grade



Grade Level Wishlist

  • USB Drives
  • Headphones
  • Digital Cameras 
  • Times Tables
  • Pocket Folders
  • Notebooks
  • Giant Glue Sticks
  • Clip boards
  • Printer Ink
  • Color Post It
  • Heavy Duty Sharpeners
  • Baby Wipes
  • File Folders
  • Seeds(Veg. and Fruit)
  • Color Copy Paper
  • Color Pens
  • Color Highlighters
  • Color Pencils

Supplies may be purchased at:

* Target

* Staples

* Office Depot

Teacher Contacts
Contact Marcia Castor Lopez  Marcia Castor Lopez Teacher
Contact Michelle Correa  Michelle Correa Teacher
Contact Gricelda Horta  Gricelda Horta Teacher
Contact Joseph Kim  Joseph Kim Teacher
Contact Carlos Largaespada  Carlos Largaespada Teacher