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Dress Code

School Uniform Policies

Our school uniform colors are teal and purple tops with khaki bottoms.  Close-toed shoes (athletic shoes) are recommended for the safety of students.
LAUSD schools may establish a school uniform-policy, consistent with the following criteria:
The specific uniform selected shall be determined by the principal, certificated and classified employee representatives, parents/guardians, and students (if secondary) of the individual school. The Local School Leadership Site Council may fulfill this function. The school uniform policy must specify:
           a. Types and colors of uniforms;
           b. Requirements for jackets/outer garments;
           c. Optional articles of attire, if any;
           d. Clearly stated, appropriate consequences for failure to comply with the school uniform policy
           e. Procedures to provide uniforms to economically disadvantaged students at no cost;
           f. Methods to facilitate recycling of uniforms within the school community;
           g. Provisions for allowing students to wear sun-protective clothing, including but not limited to hats, for outdoor use during the school day. However, consistent with the school uniform policy, schools may      determine that the type and style of approved sun-protective clothing students use outdoors.