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New Yard Games

School Rules & Expectations

Guiding Principles

  • Respect:I respect others,rules and school authority.
  • Responsibility:I take responsibility for my actions.

  • Appreciation of Differences:I respect reach personʼs right to be different.
  • Honesty: I am honest with myself and others.

In The Classroom 

  • I follow the class rules. treat others fairly.
  • Iʼm a good role model for my peers.  

  • I turn in neat and complete work.  

  • I demonstrate self control.

  • I do my own work.  I act with integrity.

  • We learn and grow from others.  

  • We share in the success of of others.  

  • We acknowledge and appreciate differences.

On The School Yard

  • I play by the rules.
  • I follow directions the first time given by school authority.
  • I will share and take turns.
  • I stay in my play area.

  • I share the play equipment with others.

  • I line up when the bell rings.

  • Include everyone in recess games.

  • Respect differences in ability.

  • I will play by the rules.

  • I will tell the truth when asked.

Lunch Garden

  • I clean up my own mess

  • I keep my hands to myself.

  • I use a quiet voice.

  • I patiently wait in line.

  • I keep my voice low.

  • I Clean up after myself.

  • We donʼt tease others about their food.

  • Donʼt exclude others from table.

  • I will not cut or let others cut in line.

  • I will not take what does not belong to me.


  • I will not destroy or vandalize school property.
  • I will listen and follow direction the first time given.
  • I walk throughout the school (office, library, restroom and cafeteria.)
  • I use things as they are meant to be used.
  • I will avoid spreading rumors or gossip.
  • I will not steal, lie, cheat or let others do it.